The motorhome motorbike carrier is an extra that gives a lot of versatility and freedom in our trips.

There are 2 types:

Interiors: They are mounted inside the boot of the motorhome. The dimensions of the boot and the door must allow for this. The main advantage is that it is much cheaper than the outside and nobody can see what you are carrying inside. In addition, the weight is closer to the rear axle and does not affect driving as much. The disadvantages are that sometimes the smell of petrol gets into the fuel tank, and on some bikes you have to remove the mirrors to get it in, and you lose a lot of boot capacity.

External: There are 2 types

  • Bolted and fixed to the chassis of the motorhome and must be approved as if they were a towbar. They require a technical project, a conformity report and, in some cases, a laboratory report (if there are previous modifications noted on the data sheet, for example).
  • Removable. They are fixed to the chassis of the motorhome, but with a pin or part that can be removed by hand. This is due to the revision of the conversion manual in September 2019, section 8.52 explains this. This motorbike carrier must be approved as a separate technical unit.

The external motorbike carriers must not protrude by 10% of the length of the motorhome if they are divisible, or by 15% if they are indivisible. It is advisable to install an air suspension when these accessories are added, to balance height, weights and loads.

These same bike carriers can be configured to carry bikes, e-bikes, luggage racks, carriers for people with reduced mobility (wheelchairs or vehicles for people with disabilities).

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