From Balaguer to Ukraine

The Mas – Rocaspana family, neighbours of Lleida, did not think twice to do their bit for solidarity, and at the beginning of March they rented a motorhome from Magic Caravaning to go to the Polish-Ukrainian border.
Jaume, his wife Nuria and their son Pol changed their holiday destination this year and loaded up their motorhome with food and medical supplies to take it to refugees fleeing the war against Ukraine.

Jaume tells us that at the border they met disoriented, terrified families with hardly any luggage. One of these families was a seven-month pregnant woman who was alone with her four children, the oldest only 12 years old, as her husband, although the father of a large family, was detained in his country.

Seeing this situation, the Mas family was clear and offered their space in the motorhome so that this family could have a chance to return with them to Spain.

Until they can regulate their situation in our country or return to their own, this lovely family will live with Jaume, Nuria and Pol in the farmhouse they have in Vallfogona de Balaguer.

This news fills our hearts and gives a ray of light and hope to those who need it most in such difficult times as the ones we are living through.

Thanks to the Mas family and all the other generous people who are altruistically changing lives with these gestures.

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