Magic Caravaning did its bit for Raúl Arenas’ latest charity challenge.

In December 2020 and with the limitations of the pandemic, the challenge consisted of running 200km non-stop for 40h.

The motive: to give support and visibility to children and adolescents suffering from cancer.

The funds raised in this difficult challenge would go to the Asociación de Familiares y Amigos de Niños Oncológicos de Cataluña (AFANOC).

Although the initial route had to be modified for Covid-19 reasons and the weather was not favourable, Raúl was able to complete the 200km challenge even though he was confined to the last stretch.

His friend Emilio was able to act as a supporter during the challenge by bringing one of our caravans so that he could change clothes or eat.

Thank you Raúl Arenas for this feat, for making the world a kinder place with your challenges and for counting on us.