As you may have heard these days, from now on vehicles with CO2 emissions will have to pay a new tax, in addition to what they already pay.

The vehicles required to be taxed will be those of category M1 (tourists with up to 9 seats), N1 (transport of goods up to 3,500 kg), and motorcycles. They do not have to pay for those given permanent or temporary leave due to theft, official vehicles, the diplomatic corps, ambulances, doctors, funerals and people with reduced mobility (only one per person). Classic and historical are also exempt, but with some requirements

The amount to be taxed varies depending on the level of emissions, with scaled rates.

In 2021, the amount accrued in 2020 will be paid, from which cars and motorcycles are exempt up to 120g/co2, and light commercial vehicles up to 3500 kg up to 160g/co2. This table will vary upwards this 2021 and only cars up to 95 g/co2 and commercial vehicles up to 3500kg will be exempt up to 140. In 2021 the tax rate will also increase.

The amount to be paid for passenger cars this 2021 (due in 2020) ranges between 6 and 60 euros on average, 4x4s between 70 and 100 euros and MOTORHOME vehicles between 55 and 180 euros.

To give us some idea, a 2003 Ducato 2.8 will cost around 155 euros, a 2008 Renault Master around 170 euros, and a 2020 Ducato around 60 euros. This may vary depending on the brand of motorhome.

More info at this link so you can calculate it with theregister.