Technical characteristics:

  • Large: 5998 mm – Width: 2350 mm – High: 2850 mm

  • Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato

  • Maximum authorised weight: 3500 kg

  • Unladen weight: 2940 kg

  • Road seating: Up to 4

  • Sleeping places: Up to 4

  • Widened axle

  • Chassis 35 special

  • Wheel arches, columns in white ABS

The Ilusion 590 XMK 2024 motorhome, the perfect choice for adventure lovers

Based on the reliable Fiat Ducato chassis, is a prime example of comfort and versatility for the adventure-seeking traveller. With seating for four people on the road and two to four for a night’s rest, the Ilusion 590 XMK offers a living space that combines efficiency with luxury.

The focal point of this motorhome is its dining area, which stands out for its comfort and versatility.

The star feature, the telescopic table, allows 360-degree rotation, creating a perfect environment for enjoying group meals or relaxing. In addition, a specially designed shoe compartment has been incorporated into the entrance area, adding a practical touch to the travel experience.

On-board comfort is provided by swivel seats with height and tilt adjustable armrests and lumbar support. These seats promise not only a pleasurable journey, but also full control over the layout of the interior space, ideal for interaction and relaxation.

Dometic’s high-quality kitchen and 144-litre double-opening refrigerator ensure that gastronomic delights are within easy reach.

The hail-resistant polyester roof and entrance step add protection and accessibility to the travel experience.

The bathroom is another highlight, with a high quality ceramic tiled toilet and a spacious shower with a partition screen to ensure privacy and comfort. The Ilusion 590 XMK has a 100 litre clean water tank and a grey water tank of equal capacity, ensuring clean and sustainable waste management.

The spacious garage, accessible from both sides, is perfect for storing additional equipment. The two functional, double-locking side garage doors provide security and practicality. The Ilusion 590 XMK, with its aluminium-framed Seitz windows and Truma C400 heating system, promises a comfortable and luxurious travel experience on the road.

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